Vanoi Ecomuseum

A museum of space, of time, of the community and of know-hows

The Ecomuseum is a wide-ranging exhibitionand covers the whole environment, the landscapes, places and activities of human endeavour, the material and spiritual culture, the places that are known and experienced on a daily basis, that from Man's past have followed him to the present and open up to the future thus highlighting the continuity of history and its possible changes and evolutions. 
The Ecomuseum is a mirror in which local inhabitants can look into and recognise themselves; a place where they can seek the values of their homeland and display them to their guests so the latter can understand them through the work, identities and know-hows that are still alive in the activities, crafts and knowledge conserved in the memories and in the skill of many inhabitants, and that can still be counted as a resource and revived in new creative and entrepreneurial styles.
Established in 1999, the Ecomuseum has a year-long calendar of events and is governed by a long-term plan spanning many years.

Tel. 0439 719106