Teaching Farms

If I listen, I forget; if I see, I remember; if I do, I learn

One of our teaching farm
Teaching farms aim at bringing the farmer and his farm and products closer to a public of adults and children wishing to learn and touch first hand the day-to-day activities that have always protected the land and its traditions. Teaching farms are an expression of the multi-functionality of farms and are certainly part of the "recreational, cultural and teaching activities" defined by Trentino Provincial Laws. Visiting a teaching farm in Trentino gives a chance to establish a direct and warm relationship with the animals, plants and open spaces, as well as with the work of the farmers and their world of rural traditions, so steeped in emotions. It truly is a journey to discover the world of farming. There is the opportunity to touch first-hand an extraordinary natural workshop, open to all, and to achieve a deeper live understanding of a great number of actions and processes that are usually only considered in an abstract sense.