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Fun for Kids
San Martino di Castrozza, Passo Rolle, Primiero and Vanoi are ideal tourist destinations for families!

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We’re finally on vacation, with so many exciting things to do! First things off, let’s hop over to the tourist office. Then, plan our excursions with the help of the Alpine Guides. And we can always dedicate some time to the many events at the Nature Park and the Ecomuseum. Together we can try canyoning down the Neva River in Val Noana. We can zigzag our way from park to park on our bikes, down the valley’s cycling track. In the Vallombrosa Park there is a path to learn about road signs and a more technical one to cover on your mountain bike. Or, let the children try the parabolics at the Kids Mountain Bike Minipark on Alpe Tognola. Up there you also will find a playground with a mini artificial rock gym. You cannot miss a visit to the educational farm like the farmhouse inn Dalaip dei Pape, to meet the farmers who live there and the animals too, roaming in their natural habitat. It will be like stepping into a nature lab to learn upfront about life in the mountains, in a relaxing and entertaining family atmosphere. And when we get back home, we will have lots of stories to tell!