News and updated Information about Coronavirus

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In accordance with the directives of the Italian Government to stem the spread of Coronavirus, all ski lifts have been closed starting from March, 10th. Here you can read the notice by DOLOMITI SUPERSKI.

According to the mesures taken by the Prime Minister's Decree (09.03.20 and following decrees), it has been decided that:

  • events are cancelled up to May, 03rd
  • museums, cinemas and libraries are closed
  • pubs and restaurants are closed up to May, 03rd 

Travelling in Italy has also been restricted. It is permitted only for demonstrable business needs or for health reasons.

In Trentino some mesures have been taken also for public suburban transport. Find all information here.

We invite you all, local population and guests, to be responsible and to respect the directives of the National Health System: Stay at least one meter away from other people, wash your hands often and avoid crowded places and gathering.

We are sure that behaving responsibly now will enable us to go back to our normal life as soon as possible.

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